WITCHES' FRONT ROOM by Chloe Bonfield
WITCHES' FRONT ROOM by Chloe Bonfield
Title Witches' Front Room
Author(s)/Editor(s) Chloe Bonfield
Publisher Landfill Editions
Pages 96
Dimensions 130 x 200 mm
Format Hardcover
Year 2019

Finding yourself in the witches’ front room, whilst carrying a conch shell oil lamp.

Arriving at dusk. The sun sets over the land and the full moon rises over the sea. There is a very distinct sense that someone has just been here. Not before, not when this was used as something else.

But very recently, just now. There is a slab of concrete carved out of the rock. A tunnel to the side which I could possibly escape through.

Found in: Landfill Editions