FRAGILE by Melek Zertal
FRAGILE by Melek Zertal
Title Fragile
Author(s)/Editor(s) Melek Zertal
Publisher Colorama
Pages 24
Dimensions 135 x 195 mm
Format Softcover, includes a postcard
Year 2023

"A young girl tries to write a love letter in a coffee shop. She reminisces every moment of this relationship stopped too soon. Readings by the light of a warm chimney, piping hot bubbly baths, walks under concrete underpasses...

Fragile is a comic by Melek Zertal. Part of a trilogy published by Colorama between 2018 and 2020. A new second edition with reworked color-separations and new cover artwork.

COLORAMA is a risoprinting studio and a publishing house based in Berlin - It is run by Johanna Maierski since 2015.

The Colorama publications feature the works of current comic-artists and an ongoing exploration of assembling and storytelling - they are presented at Art- and Comic book fairs worldwide."

Found in: Colorama