TOUCHSTONE by Emma Crabtree
TOUCHSTONE by Emma Crabtree
Title Touchstone
Author(s)/Editor(s) Emma Crabtree
Publisher LAP BOOKS
Pages 20
Dimensions 210 x 297 mm
Format Coil-bound, two colour Riso
Year 2020

'A collection of images (drawings and ceramics) and writing that make up a sort of interactive poem.

Touchstone investigates the interplay between taste and material surroundings. The objects and drawings speak to each other through their own unique taxonomy, forming their own narratives by complementing and contradicting one another. An animated text in the form of museum-like captions invites the reader to question what is real and what is deceptive, and which precedes the other - text or image. Like a living organism, the work grows, shifts, and spirals inwards on itself.'

Found in: LAP BOOKS