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Title: A Plume Annual Vol.2
Author(s)/Editor(s):Giuseppe Mistretta, Edwin Stevens and Jessica Higgins
Publisher: Museum Press / A Plume
Pages: 88
Dimensions: 120 x 180mm
Format: Softcover
Year: 2019
‘Co-edited by Giuseppe Mistretta, Edwin Stevens and Jessica Higgins, A Plume Annual Volume Two finds itself “Taking devices of distance [, alienation] and rituals of proximity as two radial points within which to weave a feedback loop of the moments and movements of person and tense.” (…) “The writers and artists who have contributed to A Plume Vol 2 distance themselves from the present in an attempt to unpack it.”

We welcome contributions of new, recent past, and posthumous re-published writings by Nuar Alsadir, Karen Brodine, Hannah Ellul & Ben Knight, Colin Herd, Bhanu Kapil, Anna Kavan, Ghislaine Leung, Sophie Macpherson, Lila Matsumoto and Mira Mattar.’

A Plume was established in 2017 with the aim to publish single-authored books of writing by artists twice a year. In tandem, it takes responsibility for a journal – the A Plume Annual, each iteration of which is co-edited by the particular years collaborators and publishes text and text-like works by artists, writers, non-artists and non-writers, concerns depending.

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