Abstraction as an Open Experiment by Mari Laanemets


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Title: Abstraction as an Open Experiment
Author(s)/Editor(s): Mari Laanemets
Publisher: Lugemik, Tallinn Art Hall & Estonian Academy of the Arts
Pages: 232
Dimensions: 200 x 280 mm
Format: Softcover
Year: 2015
Works by Dóra Maurer, Sirje Runge, Falke Pisano, Zofia Kulik
Texts by Sabeth Buchmann, David Crowley, Mari Laanemets

‘Abstraction as an Open Experiment’ addresses the exploration and interpretation of the potentiality of abstraction, which starting from the 1960s became a vehicle for artists to rethink the relationships between modernist art, the individual and society. Today, during a period when interest in the modernist abstract forms is once again widespread among art circles, the drawings, paintings and design projects of Eastern Europe in the 1970s have become not only topical but also have an important role to play in re-evaluating such artists in a wider, international framework. In this book, works by Sirje Runge, Zofia Kulik and Dóra Maurer will enter into dialogue with works by Dutch artist Falke Pisano, allowing us to view the legacy of their experiments in abstraction not only as a historical episode but also as part of a wider contemporary art practice.

Published following the exhibition of the same title at Tallinn Art Hall, from 15.09 to 4.11.2018, curated by Mari Laanemets.

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