Art & Leisure and Art & Leisure by Dante Carlos

Art & Leisure and Art & Leisure
Dante Carlos
Publisher: London Centre for Book Arts

300 x 215 mm
110 pages
Format: Hardcover (screen print, Risograph, digital print, edge sprinkling, wiro-bound)
Edition of 50


Raised in Southern California, Carlos is a graphic designer based in Minneapolis. In addition to his own practice, he has been senior designer at the Walker Art Center since 2009. As with his work at the Walker and his work with collaborators—from furniture and landscape designers ROLU, to his sister Debbie, a Michigan-based artist/photographer—Carlos uses graphics, a wink and a nudge, and an economy of means to create visual entry points into different types of knowledge: from maths to dance, language to science and music, or as he puts it, “from Peach Snapple to downtown beef, and everything in-between.”

Carlos uses the form and function of a calendar and creates a casual polemic and a reorganization of days. A calendar consisting only of Saturdays and Sundays, Art & Leisure… is a book that becomes an exhibition, a proposition, a utopia, and a joke. In a social climate where the simple act of taking time ‘off the clock’ and doing something without intrinsic market—but human—value becomes something unintentionally quixotic, Art & Leisure… re-imagines our relationship to time, labour and art practices.