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Title: Contemporary Paper Marbling : Design and Technique
Author(s)/Editor(s): Lucy McGrath
Publisher: Batsford
Pages: 144
Dimensions: 256 x 250 mm
Format: Hardcover
Year: 2019
Contemporary paper artist and author Lucy McGrath specialises in paper marbling and shares her skill and passion for this beautiful craft.

Her book is a wonderful introduction to the craft for beginners which takes readers on a journey through simple to advanced techniques – with step-by-step instructions and photography – plus a range of some of the most beautiful paper marbling today. The book covers: An introduction and brief history; Preparation and equipment (with recipes for the thickened water that the paint floats on plus the paints themselves); Planning your design (mood boards, colour palettes, testing paint behaviour and paper); Pattern tutorials (ways of applying paint); Swirl and git gel (Turkish traditional pattern); Nonpareil (fine tooth comb use); Spanish Wave; Ebru (flowers on the surface of the water); Advanced Techniques (including figurative images); and finally marbling onto three-dimensional items such as baubles and pots. There is also a selection of projects that uses marbled paper, including bookbinding, origami and collage.

Richly illustrated with some of the most beautiful paper marbling today, this book will introduce a wonderful craft to a new generation.

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