Eloquent Witnesses: Bookbindings and Their History


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Eloquent Witnesses: Bookbindings and Their History
Edited by Mirjam M. Foot

Oak Knoll Press, The British Library, Bibliographical Society
328 pages
178 x 254 mm
Format: Hardcover


USED – This book is a used copy of a title that is currently out of print. The book for sale is the book pictured.

A copy of a classic book on the craft of bookbinding now out of print.

This work is a collection of well-written essays that demonstrates the change in direction the study of bookbinding has taken. Much of the work is based on observation of bookbinding techniques and materials, as well as a close study of decorative tools and the ways in which these were used to reflect the styles and fashions of their day. The place of the binder in the whole network of the book trade is also discussed against the wider cultural and political background in which books, as vehicles that carried ideas forward, are the visible, creditable and eloquent witnesses.

Contributors to the book include Giles Barber, Carmen Blacker, Christian Coppens, Mirjam Foot, David Pearson, Nicholas Pickwoad, Nicholas Poole-Wilson, Esther Potter, Jan Storm van Leeuwen and Marianne Tidcombe. With 101 b/w and 8 color plate pages.

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