F.R.DAVID Autumn 2018: What I Mean Is


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F.R.DAVID Autumn 2018: What I Mean Is

Uh Books / Kw Institute
224 pages
120 × 190 mm

This issue of F.R.David examines the impartation of meaning through visible language, whether informative, instructive, transformative, narrative, or other. Contributions include Peter Culley’s restructuring of a botanical text as lyrical poetry, a vignette by Octavia E. Butler, a preface to ‘The Art of Science Writing’ by Worsley and Mayer, Daniel Victor’s report on an Oxford comma dispute, a wall text for ‘High Speed Geology’ at Museum für Naturkunde, ‘In the Shadow of the American Dream’ by David Wojnarowicz, ‘26 Theses on Craft’ by Sharon H. Poggenpohl, a report Charles and Ray Eames drew up for the Indian government to promote quality in small industries, and much more.

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