Grub #4


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Grub: food + more
Issue #4

Synchronise Witches Press
297 x 210 mm

Satisfy your cravings!! A whopping A4, 56 page zine with recipes, stories and more from Hannah Levene, Lucia Canuto, Saffa Khan, Francesca Riley, Laura Robinson, Esther McManus, Marzia D’Amico, Octavia Bright, Colleen Anderhub, Aimee Bea Ballinger, Kirsty Fife, Grace Denton, Jade K, Ben Kritikos, Ari Haque, Mia Abeyawardene, Molly Caenwyn, Livia Franchini, Gallia Young, Alison Lloyd, Mike Saunders, George Gibson, Sally Fairbrass, Brigid Elva and Cherry Styles

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