IN PROGRESS 2020 by MA Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins


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In Progress 2020
Author(s)/Editor(s): MA Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins
Publisher: MA Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins (UAL)
Pages: 50
Dimensions: 150 x 210 mm
Format: Softcover
Year: 2020
To make graphic communication design public is to put it where it belongs. A poster quietly folded into a drawer is nothing but a piece of tired paper having a rest. The hither and thither of public discourse is the oxygen that gives it life. Life, singular. The first edition of a thought brought into existence and presented outwards to others to make sense of. Lives, plural. Reissued, translated, situated in new contexts, disagreed with…. …with disagreements forging new contexts, new ways to respond, new ways to resist. To make public is to risk the reassurance of familiarity, to challenge the certainty of the known—to define and be defined, and yet to unsettle the comforts of definition. Definition of a practice—like all other forms of definition—is a relational exercise, where the porous, blurry, slippery, and overlapping quality of language acts as a proxy for the porous, blurry, slippery, and overlapping relationships that draw together a diverse community of practitioners. Practitioners on MA Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins have all been drawn, for one reason or another, towards certain words: graphic, communication and/or design. However, it is easier for us to demonstrate than describe the substance of what we have in common. What we have in common, what we practice and how, whether through the one-off, the multiple, within, against or stretching definition, between or around slippages, and attentive to the risks and the dis/comforts, the un/familiar and the un/certain, has been a labour, a process, a workflow. A work in progress. A way to question and push, to connect and bridge. To link up to each other and others.

39 links.

39 ways of making public.

Authors: Lily Abram, Tomi Adefioye, Krissy Ahmed Gawel, Jeanne Briand, Francesco Cordola, Mathilda Della Torre, Rommina Dolorier, Edie Eo, Francesca Forty, Sofia Fotaki , Sasha Grigorik, Luis Gutiérrez Rico, Johanna Hammer, Sean Kinson, Karolina Krupickova, Darla Kumenius, Isabela Lima, Lynette Lin, Jia Liu, Hannah Meah, Benjamin Mercier, Agnete Morell, Pauline Préel, Winnie Pritchett, Ajeong Ryu, Alaïs Formey de Saint Louvent, Vass Skandalis, Sudeeksha Somani, Minju Song, Constanza Sperakis, Clara Stindl, Nataliya Vitorovich, Nana Wang, Yvette Wong, Jialian Xu, Ginko Yang, Jiawei Yu, Jingtong Zeng, Ziyue Zhuang
Tutors: Andrew Brash, Matthew Chrislip, Max Colson, Hannah Ellis, Jaap de Maat, Houman Momtazian, Rebecca Ross, Vaibhav Singh, Luise Vormittag
Editors: Oluwatomilola Adefioye, Francesca Forty, Chi Nguyen
Designers: Karolina Krupickova, Houman Momtazian, Pauline Préel

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