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Title: Night Philosophy
Author(s)/Editor(s): Fanny Howe
Publisher: Divided Publishing
Pages: 126
Dimensions: 216 x 139mm
Format: Softcover
Year: 2020
Night Philosophy is collected around the figure of the child, the figure of the child not just as a little person under the tutelage of adults, but also the submerged one, who knows, who is without power, who doesn’t matter. The book proposes a minor politics that disperses all concentrations of power. Fanny Howe chronicles the weak and persistent, those who never assimilate at the cost of having another group to dominate. She explores the dynamics of the child as victim in a desensitized era, when transgression is the zeitgeist and the victim–perpetrator model controls citizens.

Afterword by Chris Kraus

“This book is a prism through which Earth’s ancient songs and tales are distilled; restored to light. It is also a manual for surviving evil. The most important thing for you to understand is that Fanny Howe is a rebel, down to the cellular level. She walks with the prophets and with the unborn. There is no writer like her.”
Ariana Reines

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