NO-ISBN by Bernhard Cella


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Title: No-ISBN: On Self-publishing
Author(s)/Editor(s): Bernhard Cella
Publisher: Salon für Kunstbuch
Pages: 516
Dimensions: 130 × 190cm
Format: Paperback
Years: 2017
In 2009, Austrian artist Bernhard Cella posted flyers outside the New York Art Book Fair at MoMA PS1 asking artists to submit their book projects circulating without an International Standard Book Number (ISBN), the lack of which Cella took to signal a deliberate withdrawal from the international book trade. At a moment when self-publishing is increasingly possible and desirable, the lack of an ISBN—rendering a book almost invisible “in the trade”—becomes a pragmatic and political choice for artists. Cella quickly received more than 500 responses, putting numbers and titles to an often diagnosed but difficult to quantify boom in self-publishing. In the end, more than 2,000 publications were collected and catalogued.

No-ISBN, the first comprehensive guide to this phenomenon, catalogues these extraordinary books, featuring 1,800 print publications currently circulating without an ISBN. New texts from diverse corners of this alternative art book world contextualize the books presented in this volume in a history of alternative media and discuss the contemporary boom in micro- and fanzine fairs that give these titles a marketplace.

Essays and manifestoes from current artists outline the personal and political stakes of forgoing the standard practices of publishing. As Lisa Rosenblatt asks in her essay in this volume: “ISBN or NO-ISBN?—What ’tis nobler?”

From the table of contents:
… more real than art The art of collecting * NO-ISBN * No return to analogue * Printed space as a legacy of conceptual art * Archival strategies * The downfall of the Gutenberg galaxy * Do you like Mexico? * Tackling Tactility * Surviving on books * Post-digital publishing * Gezilla vs. ISIStanbul * UbuWeb wants to be free * NO-ISBN as a political strategy * The new art of making books * Balcony manifesto

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