ON-OFF TONES by Anna Bergquist


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Author(s)/Editor(s): Anna Bergquist
Publisher: Colorama
Dimensions: 195 x 252mm
Format: Risograph, softcover, coil-bound, edition of 200
Year: 2017
Anna Bergquist has been working on a meditation on patterns, three-dimensionality and slight transitions of colors and shades in the past year. This book is the result of her exercise: a collection of untraceable distortions and merges, alterations and alienation. Concept and artworks by Anna Bergquist, published and printed by Colorama, 54 pages, risoprint in crimson, medium blue and black on 175/120g paper. First edition of 200 copies, Berlin 2017.

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Dimensions 252 × 195 × 7 mm