Once More, While Reeling


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Once More, While Reeling
Nick Ainsworth & Jessica HigginsA6 BOOKS
60 pages
148mm x 105mm

A collection of poetry made remotely and collaboratively between Nick Ainsworth and Jessica Higgins. Nick (Manchester) and Jessica (Glasgow) are writers, musicians, educators, community workers, cooks, cleaners, readers, friends of, friends with, friends by, shoppers, smokers, eaters, drinkers, dressers. They began co-authoring poetry via remote means in October 2017.

A6 BOOKS is a new project by the London Centre for Book Arts. The aim is to help promote and distribute books, zines and publications by emerging artists. With a simple criteria and an inclusive open-submission process, we hope to create a new way for artists to reach their readers.

Once More, While Reeling is the first in a series of books published & produced (at LCBA) by A6 BOOKS.

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