PETER (8 POEMS) by Adrien H. Howard


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Title: Peter (8 poems)
Author(s)/Editor(s): Adrien H. Howard
Publisher: Sunday’s Print Service
Pages: 16
Dimensions: 110 x 170mm
Format: Soft cover, 1 colour Risograph
Year: 2021
Peter (8 poems) is a suite of poetic character portraits of an imagined being ‘Peter’ by Glasgow based artist and writer Adrien H. Howard. Bored by his own straight lines, small actions in Peter’s lifeworld lightly drip into milky tea and gather between the crying grass. Species reflections of an animal under threat break into parts, while visceral pickings of food caught in teeth over dinner shuffle around the room in quiet anxiety. At last, Peter cries ‘Wait! What? No!’

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Dimensions 110 × 170 × 2 mm