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Poetry Jazz: Wax and Gold
Publisher: Walther König
Pages: 256
Dimensions: 330 x 220mm
Format: Hardcover
Year: 2020
‘Poetry Jazz: Wax and Gold’ brings together poetry, language and sound experiments around Addis Ababa’s popular art form of poetry jazz, which combines poetry and live music.

A showcase of poems, word experiments, acoustic mappings, visual renderings, essays and reflections in various states of translation and documentation. The book documents six poetry concerts, which took place alternately in Addis Ababa and Berlin and gives voice to the artists in Amharic, English and German. Part of an ongoing collaboration between the Institut für Raumexperimente (Berlin) and Tobyia Poetic Jass (Addis Ababa).

Contributions by:

Mihret Kebede Alwabie
Olafur Eliasson
Eric Ellingsen
Clara Jo
Erica Licht
Robert Lippok
Nebiy Mekonnen
Bekele Mekonnen
Abebaw Melaku
Jorga Mesfin
Ari Benjamin Meyers
Frezer Admasu Molaligne
Neo Muyanga
Nolly Nesbit
Cia Rinne
Rike Scheffler
Robel Temesgen
Misrak Terefe
Solomon Sahle Tizazu

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