Publishing Manifestos


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Publishing Manifestos
Editor: Michalis Pichler
Co-editors: Yaiza Camps, Moritz Grünke

Miss Read
17cm × 24cm
292 pages

Publishing Manifestos is an anthology featuring key texts of critical engagement with publishing from protagonists of the field compiled by Miss Read to celebrate the 10th year of its existence.

The book features a comprehensive WHO IS WHO of publishers, with 600 separate entries, as well as information about activities of Miss Read since its inception in 2009.

Author(s): Tauba Auerbach, Michael Baers, Derek Beaulieu, Riccardo Boglione, Jorge Luis Borges, Kate Briggs, Ulises Carrión, Paul Chan, Anita Di Bianco, Craig Dworkin, Constant Dullaart, Zenon Fajfer, Karl Holmqvist, John Holten & Ida Bencke, Annette Gilbert,Gloria Glitzer, Lisa Holzer & David Jourdan, Ray Johnson, Sharon Kivland, Kione Kochi, Tan Lin, El Lissitzky, Alessandro Ludovico, Sara MacKillop, Steve McCaffery & bp Nichol, Jonathan Monk, Simon Morris, Aurélie Noury, Clive Phillpot, Michalis Pichler,Adrian Piper, Vanessa Place & Robert Fitterman, Seth Price, Leon Munoz Santini, Joachim Schmid, Paul Soulellis, Matthew Stadler, Gertrude Stein, Paul Stephens, Mladen Stilinovic, Temporary Services, TIQQUN, Elisabeth Tonnard, Erik van der Weijde, Lawrence Weiner, Eric Watier, Eva Weinmayr, Jan Wenzel, Stephen Willats

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