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Title: REAL REVIEW 10, Autumn 2020
Author(s)/Editor(s): Real Review
Publisher: Real Review
Dimensions: 260 x 110mm
Format: Softcover
Year: 2020
Pope Francis
Ekow Eshun
Aria Dean
Stephen Shore
Issy Wood
Huw Lemmey
Traum Inc.
Anna Blessmann
Rebecca Sharp
Brady Ng
Hera Chan
Pekeri Ruska
Peer Illner
A & R. bin Shabib
Adjustments Agency
Ben Cullen Williams
Charlie Robin Jones
Jack Self
Michel de Montaigne
WEB Bois

We can’t go back, but we don’t want to. Nor can we go on like this much longer. What will emerge from such a transitional phase, when the civic body is so lacking in health (physical, moral, political and economic)?

The Renaissance was not an end in itself, but a bridge between two paradigms (feudalism and modernity). It was a cultural movement that diverted history by rediscovering lost pasts. Today, we do not need newness to cut short capitalist realism, to restore a degraded nature, to achieve greater equality. We have everything necessary for change. We only need the will.
What is a renaissance? We interview His Holiness Pope Francis on the commodification of our souls. Writer EKOW ESHUN reviews WEB BOIS’ double consciousness. Curator ARIA DEAN reviews FUTURE’s Mask Off and Black excellence. Photographer STEPHEN SHORE, in conversation with JACK SELF, reviews pictures of the present. Artist ISSY WOOD reviews Diet Coke. Editor and NHS worker REBECCA SHARP reviews the SOCIALIST PATIENTS COLLECTIVE, while BRADY NG and HERA CHAN review Hong Kong protest strategies.

Also in the issue: HUW LEMMEY reviews PIETRO ARETINO, the Renaissance master of pornographic literature and blackmail. TRAUM INC. with REAL REVIEW present a Renaissance collaboration inspired by MARCUS AURELIUS and GIOTTO. Artist ANNA BLESSMANN reviews absent artefacts and Indigenous activist PEKERI RUSKA reviews the Aboriginal concept of country. PEER ILLNER reviews WhatsApp and surveillance capitalism, while ADJUSTMENTS AGENCY reviews groundbreaking ceremonies. AHMED and RASHID BIN SHABIB review pigeon architecture and artist BEN CULLEN WILLIAMS reviews Antarctica (through the lens of AI neural networks). CHARLIE ROBIN JONES reviews horoscopes, MICHEL DE MONTAIGNE reviews solitude and JACK SELF reviews the internet.

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