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Title: Scroll Down And Keep Scrolling
Author(s)/Editor(s): Fiona Banner
Publisher: Vanity Press
Pages: 832
Dimensions: 21 × 30 cm
Format: softcover
Year: 2015
This book considers the relevance of the publication in the Internet age.

Known or exhibited works are adequately represented on the web, here Fiona Banner’s work is represented through the ephemera surrounding it, the stuff that is not exhibited. It does not seek to present the work formally or as finite, but as a process.

The title ‘Scroll Down And Keep Scrolling’ refers to the act of looking back historically, but also to something endless. Scrolling down the page is how we read digitally; at the same time it refers to a time before books.

The book focuses on informal photographs and related material from an archive spanning the last 30 years. It takes the material form of a large directory, over 800 pages long and typeset in a font designed especially for this project, titled Font. The font is an amalgamation of typefaces Banner has worked with previously, through full stop sculptures and typeset and published works: “It’s a family tree arrangement where the child of Avant Garde and Courier mates with Peanuts and Didot’s child. Bookman and Onyx mate; their child mates with Capitalist and Klang’s offspring – the final font is an unpredictable bastardisation of styles and behaviours.” The font is available to download free from

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