SELF-ORGANISED by Stine Herbert, Anne Szefer Karlsen


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Title: Self-Organised
Author(s)/Editor(s): Stine Hebert, Anne Szefer Karlsen
Publisher: Open Editions
Pages: 168
Dimensions: 16cm x 21cm
Format: Softcover
Year: 2013

Exploring one of the most influential methods of contemporary cultural production, Self-Organised takes a broad view on the matter. Artists, curators and critics discuss empirical and theoretical approaches from Europe, Africa and South and North America to how self-organisation today oscillates between the self and the group, self-imposed bureaucratisation and flexibilism, aestheticisation and activism. The contributors identify now as a crucial moment to propose ways forward for parallel initiatives and institutions alike: from de-organisation and waiting, to rupture and coexistence of aesthetics and politics. However, what they all seem to share is a refreshing search for critical platforms of citizenship, harnessing self-determination in the wake of neo-liberal mainstreaming and right-wing populism alike.

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