The Future is a Carrot on a Stick


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The Future is a Carrot on a Stick
Judith Hagan

Museums Press / A Plume
235mm x 165mm
54 pages

The Future is a Carrot on a Stick is the first book of writing by Judith Hagan. Currently based in London, Judith is primarily known for her painting and drawing practice through which she forms abstract landscapes merging interior and external realities; blending moments observed and the figures lurking within.

This new collection of written work brings together recent poetry and experimental prose. In Connected to Nothing, Hagan poses the question ‘How else then, could I impregnate the scene with my presence?’, a sentiment which seems to flow throughout Hagan’s writing – and indeed visual art practice. The Future is a Carrot on a Stick weaves concrete experience and sludgy frayed moments within the natural and manmade landscapes, mirrored with inner-space narrative. The texts stutter and shudder with poetic fluidity, exploring what is seen and what is perceived from the distance of a slippery author/narrator and other figures posited with an unstable narrative ‘I’. Hagan is interested, here, in what a moment feels like, how a scene can become animated through the replicating of associations and imagery during encounters with the every day and the imagined, creating a terranean ontology. The texts in The Future is a Carrot on a Stick are constantly in conversation with themselves, full of intercessions, questions, answers and re-considerations. Hagan weaves a temporal patchwork of thought and observation, layering and mapping references between one moment and a memory or musing.

A Plume was established in 2017 with the aim to publish single-authored books of writing by artists twice a year. In tandem, it takes responsibility for a journal – the A Plume Annual, each iteration of which is co-edited by the particular years collaborators and publishes text and text-like works by artists, writers, non-artists and non-writers, concerns depending.

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