TITLE / タイトル by Asami Murakami and Rahel Zoller


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Title: Title / タイトル
Author(s)/Editor(s): Asami Murakami and Rahel Zoller
Publisher: Self-published
Dimensions: 205 x 130 mm
Format: Two softcover books in a slipcase, edition of 100
Year: 2020
The Western and Japanese book in a dialogue with each other, create two conceptual frameworks that invite the reader to explore the book format and its tradition.

When naming the top and the bottom of a book in Japan the top is called: 天 sky or heaven and the bottom 地 ground or earth whereas in Western publishing, the top is called head and the bottom tail: this originates from the animal skin a book was bound in historically.

Published by Asami Murakami and Rahel Zoller

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