URBAN POTTERS: MAKERS IN THE CITY by Katie Treggiden, Micha Pycke, Ruth Ruyffelaere


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Title: Urban Potters: Makers In The City
Author(s)/Editor(s): Katie Treggiden, Micha Pycke & Ruth Ruyffelaere
Publisher: Ludion
Pages: 232
Dimensions: 174 x 244 mm
Format: Softcover
Year: 2021
Clay is back: the age-old craft of ceramics is being embraced by a new generation of urban makers and collectors. Author Katie Treggiden explores the contemporary revival of pottery, focusing on six inspiring cities and their makers. 27 young and passionate ceramicists in New York, London, Tokyo, Copenhagen, Sydney and Sao Paulo introduce us to their work, their studios and their inspiration. ‘Urban Potters: Makers in the City’ appeals to a broad audience – not only those who practice pottery themselves, but anyone who is interested in the handmade. The book also includes a practical source list of places to buy handmade ceramics in the six cities featured.

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