using the wrong thing to make the sound


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using the wrong thing to make the sound
Rebecca Wilcox

Museums Press / A Plume
197mm x 132mm
76 pages

using the wrong thing to make the sound collects five texts by Glasgow based artist Rebecca Wilcox. Originally written for live and pre-recorded settings, the book publishes performance scripts and an excerpted text from a collaborative video work, produced between 2015 and 2017.

The works gathered in using the wrong thing to make the sound read both as scores for their live iterations, and as autonomous texts. The scripts, translated for the printed page, attempt to replicate a layering process found in Rebecca’s live practice: of sound, repetition and gesture. using the wrong thing… traverses a body of work concerned with proposing and performing a position; the slipping between states of knowing and unknowing; narrative and non-narrative accumulations of influence; the dialogical relationship between different states of being and seeing; commutable language or speech acts; the processing of information through reflection, repetition and, reflexively, the act of habit forming.

The texts brought together here are affecting equally in what is said and what is not said, what is nodded at or pointed towards and gathered through the process of reading and listening. Rebecca tempers uncanny and familiar images through punctuated language that, as a reader, feel as though the writer and audience are travelling through an idea or moment; working something out via a material process of being in company with language.

A Plume was established in 2017 with the aim to publish single-authored books of writing by artists twice a year. In tandem, it takes responsibility for a journal – the A Plume Annual, each iteration of which is co-edited by the particular years collaborators and publishes text and text-like works by artists, writers, non-artists and non-writers, concerns depending.

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