WE AXE FOR WHAT WE WANT by GAADA, Esther McManus, Up Helly Aa fo Aa


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Title: We Axe for What We Want
Author(s)/Editor(s): GAADA, Esther McManus, Up Helly Aa for Aa
Publisher: GAADA
Pages: 126
Dimensions: 210 x 145mm
Format: Wiro-bound with gatefold cover
Year: 2021
Designed by Esther McManus and printed in the Gaada workshop in Burra.

This 125 page book contains Roseanne Watt’s commissioned text Lukkie Minnie’s Føy, content from the newly launched Up Helly Aa for Aa Archive, poetry by Amy Gear, Illustrations by Esther McManus, alongside work made by artists throughout Weemin’s Wark (including Holly Graham, Hannah Harkes, Isabel Greenberg and Brooke Palmieri AKA Camp Books).

As well as the publication, Gaada and Up Helly Aa for Aa have created a digital archive to document over 100 years of campaigning for gender equality in the island’s largest cultural festival – the Lerwick Up Helly Aa. Some fragments of the archive have been reproduced in the book.

Limited edition of 300 copies.

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