33 1/3 by Riso Paradiso
33 1/3 by Riso Paradiso
Title 33 1/3
Author(s)/Editor(s) Riso Paradiso
Publisher Look Back and Laugh
Pages 44
Dimensions 176 x 250 mm
Format Softcover, coil-bound, eight-color risograph
Year 2020

Riso Paradiso is a collective of six individuals connected by research and creation in the fields of risography, graphic design, printing techniques, visual communications, photography, illustration and publishing.

The book is continuation of a residency project that was held in January 2020 at the Hiša kulture Pivka gallery. Theme of the residency was inspired by the in-house LP collection of colleague Leon Zuodar who also co-runs the gallery. Through his record collection they recognised the spirit of their generation.

Result of the residency was 6 different screen prints, but the idea was further upgraded as the project proceeded and an art publication in the risography technique was conceived.

Found in: Look Back and Laugh