BLACK SLIT by Katrina Palmer
BLACK SLIT by Katrina Palmer
Title Black Slit 
Author(s)/Editor(s) Katrina Palmer
Publisher Book Works
Pages 96
Dimensions 120 ×180 mm
Format Softcover
Year 2023

Black Slit documents a process whereby Katrina Palmer learned to throw a knife, using vibrantly painted clay objects as her targets. The setting is a studio/office/classroom/bedsit at night – a multi-purpose space which must be prepared for the action. We see a sofa-bed being made in low light, a knife laid on a table before it flies through the air, and then the focus shifts to the targets themselves. The clay was still wet and unstable when struck by the blade, resulting in unpredictable radical disruptions to the colour and shape of these hand-crafted forms. Alongside filming and editing footage of the knife throwing, Palmer practised drawing lines, to make a series of works on paper which are also reproduced in this book. Responding to the borders, margins and channels of the lined A4 page, Palmer produced curiously visceral but lean forms that are a new element to her work.

Black Slit was developed alongside the exhibition: Katrina Palmer, ‘What’s Already Going On’, Mead Gallery, Warwick Arts Centre.

Katrina Palmer is an artist and writer, living in London. She is the author of The Dark Object (2010), The Fabricators Tale (2014) and End Matter (2015), published by Book Works. She has exhibited extensively, including with an Artangel Open commission (2015), at Henry Moore Institute (2015-16), Yorkshire Sculpture Park (2018), and with Estuary and Waterfronts (2021). She received the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award for Artists (2014). She is guest editor of Arrhythmia ­­­­­– a new series of publications selected from open call due for publication in 2023-24

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