DEAR FRIEND CATALOGUE by Sandra Nuut, Ott Kagovere
DEAR FRIEND CATALOGUE by Sandra Nuut, Ott Kagovere
Title Dear Friend Catalogue
Author(s)/Editor(s) Sandra Nuut, Ott Kagovere
Publisher Lugemilk
Pages 128
Dimensions 210 x 297 mm
Format Softcover
Year 2022

Letters written by Alicia Ajayi, Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey, Claudia Doms, Nell Donkers, Maarin Ektermann, Rosen Eveleigh, Maryam Fanni, Saara Hannus, Eik Hermann, Paul John, Maria Juur, Ott Kagovere, Maarja Kangro, Arja Karhumaa, Kristina Ketola Bore, Nicole Killian, Rachel Kinbar, Tuomas Kortteinen, Keiu Krikmann, Kadri Laas, Else Lagerspetz, Lieven Lahaye, James Langdon, Jungmyung Lee, Kai Lobjakas, Michelle Millar Fisher, Maria Muuk, Sheere Ng, Sandra Nuut, Laura Pappa, Jack Self, Indrek Sirkel, Paul Soulellis, Triin Tamm, Laura Toots, Alice Twemlow, Loore Viires, Sean Yendrys, Justin Zhuang.

Dear Friend (2019–2022), a monthly snail mail project was initiated by Sandra Nuut and Ott Kagovereat the Graphic Design Department of the Estonian Academy of Arts. The letters were born with the idea to cultivate design writing culture and connect with the community at home and abroad. The publishing project dedicated itself to covering ideas, events, and more in design and visual culture in a letter format bringing together various authors. The edition was in the beginning 100 to later 200 letters each month, which were riso-printed and hand-folded in a collaborative manner. Half of the edition was distributed locally and another half globally, traveling to design institutions, schools, and professionals.

The publication edited by Sandra Nuut & Ott Kagovere features all the letters from 2019–2022. The book includes contributions by Singapore-based design writer Justin Zhuang, designer and writer Else Lagerspetz, and artist Lieven Lahaye. The book is designed by Ott Kagovereand published by Lugemik and Estonian Academy of Arts.

Found in: Lugemilk