SEA AND FOG by Etel Adnan
SEA AND FOG by Etel Adnan
Title Sea and Fog
Author(s)/Editor(s) Etel Adnan
Publisher Nightboat Books
Pages 128
Dimensions 152 x 215 mm
Format Softcover
Year 2012

Winner: The 2013 Lambda Book Prize in Poetry
Winner: The 2013 California Book Award in Poetry
Runner-Up: The 2013 Arab American Book Award

These interrelated meditations explore the nature of the individual spirit and the individual spiritedness of the natural world. As skilled a philosopher as she is a poet, in Sea & Fog, Adnan weaves multiple sonic, theoretical, and syntactic pleasures at once.

"Etel Adnan sharpens the starkness of the world of matter and anti-matter. These texts are psalms that stretch from the sublime to the violent, journey from Yosemite Valley to a soldier’s jeep in the desert, and gather from Dostoevsky to Scalapino. A history, a gospel, a prayer book, it dwells in the divine."

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