TITYRUS by Duncan Wiese
TITYRUS by Duncan Wiese
Title Tityrus: A Pastoral
Author(s)/Editor(s) Duncan Wiese, translated from Danish by Max Minden Ribeiro and Sam Riviere
Publisher Lolli
Pages 96
Dimensions 185 × 120 mm
Format Softcover
Year 2023

Duncan Wiese updates the pastoral for the 21st century. In Tityrus, the countryside offers a less than ideal lifestyle for a young shepherd

The ideals of simple country living have captivated poets for a crow’s age. But in the countryside that Tityrus knows, the beech trees tower like skyscrapers, mice wrestle each other, and the nearby island is infected by swarms of gulls. The forest is a source of energy, but also the home of a behemoth transformer substation and where a little boy has drowned. The shepherds are prescribed Ritalin, slip in the mud, cry without knowing why, and sustain themselves on mini pizza rolls.

Wiese’s poetry is as hilarious as it is gentle, moving gracefully between the everyday and the profound. Building with the narrative quality of a novel, Tityrus is both an elegy to a natural world that has long been overindustrialised, and a love letter to all that remains.

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