WILLIAM SCOTT by Nicola Wright
WILLIAM SCOTT by Nicola Wright
Title William Scott
Author(s)/Editor(s) Nicola Wright
Publisher Lenz Press
Pages 160
Dimensions 210 x 280 mm
Format Softcover
Year 2021

Texts by Carson Cole Arthur, Nana Biamah-Ofosu, Helen Delaney, Tom di Maria, Simona Dumitriu, Nathan Hamelberg, Kathleen Henderson, Matthew Higgs, William Scott, Nicola Wright

Covering the past thirty years of William Scott’s practice, this monograph offers the largest comprehensive selection of paintings, drawings, masks and architectural models, as well as an unique insight on his creative and transformative approach.

Over the past thirty years, Scott has developed his own artistic practice while working at Creative Growth, an art center in Oakland – just outside San Francisco – where people with development disabilities are given the opportunity to work and advance creatively as artists. Combining image and text, his colourful paintings tie in stylistically with current popular culture.

Scott’s vividly graphic and highly detailed paintings, drawings, and sculptures explore the intersections of community, cultural memory, faith, and science fiction. “Rebirth” is a constant subject for the artist, who reimagines the social topography of his native San Francisco as well as new, interstellar organizations. His portraits depict family members and neighbors, and celebrate Black actors, musicians, and civil rights leaders. For Scott, painting is a transformative as well as a documentary tool; a way to re-craft his personal narrative and even undertake extraordinary acts.

This monograph is published in tandem with the first survey presentation of Scott’s work, a collaboration between Studio Voltaire and Mälmo Konsthall.

Found in: Lenz Press