ARTIFICE by Lavinia Singer
ARTIFICE by Lavinia Singer
Title Artifice
Author(s)/Editor(s) Lavinia Singer
Publisher Prototype
Pages 72
Dimensions 136 x 216 mm
Format Softcover
Year 2023

Artifice, the debut collection by Lavinia Singer, is an exploration of the art of making. Its poems celebrate the artistry of craftsmanship: how works relate to beauty, and how they might inspire or ensnare. They consider issues of artificiality and authenticity, ‘the man-made’ and ‘the natural’. They warn of artfulness, in the sense of cunning or deception. And they wonder at the mystery of art and language, that which resolutely remains unknown or ineffable.

For Artifice is as much riddle as revelation, stirring delight and discomfort as it delves into the nature of aesthetics and the creative process. How are works made and how do they make us, in turn? What worlds can be built from words? This book dwells in possibility, presenting an ambiguous space for contemplation, connection and, ideally, hope.

"Through their deep attention and engagement with ever-changing surfaces and the materiality of representations, the poems in Artifice open outwards into encounters with the mystical and divine. This startling debut collection offers the reader a set of compasses that orients us towards that which is veiled, the unspeakable and unknown – what more could we ask for?" – Lucy Mercer

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