SELF-PORTRAIT by Carla Lonzi
SELF-PORTRAIT by Carla Lonzi
Title Self-portrait
Author(s)/Editor(s) Carla Lonzi, translated by Allison Grimaldi Doonahue
Publisher Divided Publishing
Pages 364
Dimensions 139 x 216 mm
Format Softcover
Year 2021

Recorded and transcribed throughout the 1960s, Carla Lonzi’s Self-portrait ruptures the narration of post-war modern art in Italy and beyond. Artmaking struck Lonzi as an invitation to be together in a ‘humanly satisfying way’, and this experiment in art-historical writing is a testament to her belief. Lonzi abolishes the role of the critic, her own, seeking change over self-preservation by theorising against the act of theorising.

Afterword by Claire Fontaine.

Found in: Divided Publishing