BLOOM by Julie Safirstein
BLOOM by Julie Safirstein

Title: Bloom
Author(s)/Editor(s): Julie Safirstein
Publisher: Éditions du livre
Pages: 10
Dimensions: 140 x 140 mm
Format: Pop-up book
Year: 2021

Bloom is a book in the round whose pages open like petals, revealing a delicate bouquet of flowers. Open Julie Safirstein’s work and enter a poetic garden full of colours both bright and pastel, overlays… This pop-up book full of folds appeals to the one’s sense of play and imagination.

Éditions du livre (Strasbourg) is an independent publishing house that brings out artist books for children. The poetics inherent to the manipulation of the book as an object resonates with its content. The shape of the book is its substance.

Found in: Éditions du livre