JEUX DE MAINS by Cécile Poimbœuf-Koizumi, Stephen Ellcock
JEUX DE MAINS by Cécile Poimbœuf-Koizumi, Stephen Ellcock
Title Jeux de Mains
Author(s)/Editor(s) Cécile Poimbœuf-Koizumi, Stephen Ellcock
Publisher Chose Commune
Pages 360
Dimensions 125 x 165 mm
Format Hardcover
Year 2021

Most artists have, at some point, represented the universal symbol of creation which is the hand. Many of them have also chosen the hand as a recurring pattern in their work. This observation inspired Cécile Poimboeuf-Koizumi — editor and founder of Chose Commune — to gather the works that caught her attention in a book, following no thematic or chronological order. The selection was made in collaboration with Stephen Ellcock, who has made a name for himself over the past few years for bringing the art gallery directly to people with his glorious collection of images which he shares everyday on Instagram and Facebook. From Pablo Picasso to Helena Almeida, from Louise Bourgeois to Alberto Giacometti, from John Baldessari to Francesca Woodman, and comprising a multitude of treasures from the ancient ages to documents from popular imagery, Jeux de mains confronts and mixes famous, emerging and anonymous artists from a wide-range of practices. The result is a collection of more than a hundred images compiled intuitively in this book. Note: This is a French-folded book. The pages are not meant to be cut. By gently part-opening the pages and looking inside, you will discover information about each of the artworks.

List of artists: ALBARRÀN CABRERA — ALBIN-GUILLOT Laure — ALMEIDA Helena — ÁLVAREZ BRAVO Manuel — AUBÖCK Carl — BALDESSARI John — BALLEN Roger — BARK Jared — BAUGHAN Rosa —BERNHARD Ruth — BLUMENFELD Erwin — BORREMANS Michaël — BOUCHER Pierre — BOURGEOIS Louise — BUONAROTTI Michelangelo — CAHUN Claude — CALLE Sophie — CARAFA Giovanni — CHIEH-JEN Chen — CLARK Harold T. — CUDDON Katie — DE BLAUWER Katrien — DE MOÜY Iris — DEGAS Edgar — DIEULEFILS Pierre — DILL Lesley —DYKE William — EDGERTON Harold — GHIRRI Luigi — GIACOMETTI Alberto — GIBSON Ralph — GILL Simryn — GORDON Daniel — GUITTARD Alice — GUSTON Philip — GUÉRARD Henri Charles — HIROSHIGE Utagawa — HOLBEIN (Le Jeune) Hans — HOPPÉ Emil Otto — INGRES Jean-Auguste-Dominique — ISHIUCHI MIYAKO — ITURBIDE Graciela — JEEWON KIM Shantal — KAWAUCHI Rinko — KEITH ROACH Clementine — KERTÉSZ André — LEPPÄLÄ Anni — LOTAR Eli — L’ADMIRAL Jan — MAURER Dora — MELOTTI Fausto — MICHALS Duane — MINKINNEN Arno — MOHOLY-NAGY Lazslo — MORELLI Giovanni — DE MOÜY Iris — MUNARI Bruno — MUÑOZ Oscar — NADAR Félix — NESHAT Shirin — ONES Fiona — O’BRIEN John — PARADIN Claude — PESCE Gaetano — PICASSO Pablo — PINARD Guillaume — PÉTROVITCH Françoise — RAY Man — RICHTER Gerhard — ROCHAS-PÀRIS Lia — RODIN Auguste — SCHIELE Egon — SHOVLIN Jamie — STEINBERG Saul — STIEGLITZ Alfred — SUDA Issei — TARABELLA Philippe — UEMATSU Keiji — VON MENZEL Adolf Frierdrich Erd-mann — VRELANT Willem — WAESE Alice — WATSON Claire — WHITE CO H.C WILHELMUS COUWENBERG Henricus — WOODMAN Francesca — YOGANANTHAN Vasantha

Found in: Chose Commune