WISE ACRE by Nick Lynch
WISE ACRE by Nick Lynch
Title Wise Acre
Author(s)/Editor(s) Nick Lynch
Publisher Blotter Books
Pages 224
Dimensions 170 x 260 mm
Format Softcover
Year 2016

"My favorite haircut I’ve ever had was when I was nine. It was a mushroom cut, so a shaggy bowl cut with the undersides shaved. I remember explaining to Nicole Scarzella why it was called a mushroom cut. She kept saying it reminded her of a jellyfish. I’d just been stung by a jellyfish the previous summer so I wasn’t really into her comparison but I didn’t hold it against her. She was my first crush. I tried to hold her hand once. She smiled and squirmed. I ran off in a panic of excitement and embarrassment, my mushroom cut flopping in the wind."

"Trying to work things out"

"Jazz spot now throbs to big name sound"

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