NICOLAS PAGES by Guillaume Dustan
NICOLAS PAGES by Guillaume Dustan
Title Nicolas Pages
Author(s)/Editor(s) Guillaume Dustan
Publisher Semiotext(e)
Pages 424
Dimensions 136 x 202 mm
Format Softcover
Year 2023

An ode to mad love, awarded the Prix de Flore in 1999.

Published in 1999 and awarded that year's Prix de Flore, Nicolas Pages marks a departure from the Sadean preoccupations of Guillaume Dustan's first three novels; it is, in essence, a love story. Inspired by a failed romance with the Swiss artist-writer Nicolas Pages and collaging texts that Dustan initially produced for a wide variety of other occasions (magazine articles, short stories, project notes, shopping lists, and more), the “auto-/bio-/porno-graphic” prose of Nicolas Pages is by turns trashy and encyclopedic, corporeal and philosophical. Here Dustan inaugurates a “gay literature” that is no longer painful or shameful, but epicurean and cheerful without ever lapsing into idealism. A vibrant plea for gay rights and a tapestried text that is more than the sum of its many styles, Nicolas Pages is a call to explore the body, sexuality, and writing in all their variety; it is a hymn to life, humanity, pleasure, and desire.

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