CHECK (3) by John Booth
CHECK (3) by John Booth
Title Check (3)
Author(s)/Editor(s) John Booth
Dimensions 452 x 319 mm
Format Unique letterpress monoprints, signed & dated
Year 2023

Letterpress monoprint editions by John Booth. The prints were created at LCBA in 2023 by the artist using the F.A.G. and Vandcook proof presses. Using a method typically reserved for printing from movable type, John used elements of collage and hand-drawing to create unique one-off editions.

John Booth (b. 1984) is a London-based artist best known for his graphic works layered with vivid colour and texture. Working across mediums, Booth’s practice spans ceramics, textile design and illustration, drawing inspiration from artists including Karel Appel and Betty Woodman as well as from retro children’s playgrounds and postmodern Italian designers.

Found in: John Booth  LCBA