ANOTHER BOOK by Les Coleman
ANOTHER BOOK by Les Coleman
Title Another Book
Author(s)/Editor(s) Les Coleman
Publisher Uniformbooks
Pages 112
Dimensions 234 x 142 mm
Format Softcover
Year 2022

‘Another Book’ was Les Coleman’s final book. It was printed at the end of 2012 in a small digital edition of fifty copies, and only a few were ever circulated. This new version replicates the original but in Uniformbooks’ taller format.

“What to make of this—secret bibliography, quizzical spotter’s guide, collection of poems, twentieth-century type sampler… A picture book—not merely as a series of visual compositions but because only its own paratexts are truly textual—the contents are illustrations, absorbing, not discursive. An art of reading is evoked; the hint of the unprinted pages. Not another book—at this stage, it’s not the same… Not just another book: another book book. L’histoire de l’édition epitomised as lists of editions, found in colophons, all the other data about who, what and where effaced. Drawing attention to how books are rarely and briefly novel or singular: most books are another—edition, impression, reprint or translation; and in their intervals, the history they entered re-edits them.”
—Elizabeth James, National Art Library

Found in: Uniformbooks