DOWN WITH THE POOR! by Shumona Sinha
DOWN WITH THE POOR! by Shumona Sinha
Title Down with the Poor!
Author(s)/Editor(s) Shumona Sinha
Publisher Les Fugitives
Pages 150
Dimensions 122 x 179 mm
Format Softcover
Year 2023

Listed by Preti Taneja in The New Statesman’s Best Books of 2022

Over the course of a night in police custody, a young woman tries to understand the rage that led her to assault a refugee on the Paris metro. She too is a foreigner, now earning a living as an interpreter for asylum seekers in the outskirts of the city. Translating the stories of men and women who come from her country of birth, into the language of her country of citizenship, Sinha’s narrator finds herself caught up in a tangle of lies and truths. Armed with an acerbic sense of humour she exposes prejudices on all sides.

'A provocative and visceral book about class, caste, fear and self-loathing, exposing the real generational damage Imperialism wreaks on brown minds. Shumona Sinha gets inside the skin of an everyday woman turned monster by the system: her voice grips the imagination and does not let go.' - Preti Taneja, author of Aftermath

‘A novel as singular in its subject matter as in its language and unbridled energy. Through the poetic force of her writing, Sinha brings a broken world to burning point.’ – Le Monde

Found in: Les Fugitives