Title Further Reading Print No.3: Down South, Outgazing Our Views
Author(s)/Editor(s) Januar Rianto, Almer Mikhail 
Publisher Further Reading Press
Pages 188
Dimensions 130 x 190 mm
Format Softcover, printed Riso and hand finished
Year 2021

"In our third print issue, we intend to explore the subject of graphic design, the heart of our practice. Up until now, graphic design is still very much perceived as a ‘Western-centric’ discipline, with methods of work and perspectives that are directly derived largely from the West. This situation presents us with an imperativeness to seek more into the practice of graphic design outside of the current canon, specifically in the southern parts of Asia and its neighbouring countries, where we situate our practice. This includes its unique challenges to the region, the approaches that come from its advancement, the values that its practitioners hold on to, and the condition surrounding its cultural landscape.

Further Reading Print No.3 begins with a visual abstraction on the juxtaposition of internal and external environments which constitutes a unique way of seeing. In the following pages, history, heritage, and national identities are presented through a multitude of perspectives, each from different nations and cultural backgrounds—from Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, to Indonesia. On a more personal note, the issue also features explorations on one’s sexual identity through graphic design and accounts of living in vastly different countries in the form of a weather report. Diasporic experiences are examined through a selection of books, which is then continued by an analysis of the immigrant experience in cinema studies. In its first instalment, As Viewed By looks into graphic design as a discipline through various professional perspectives, highlighting its intersections and essence as a practice. Through this diverse form of observations, we aim to shed more light on the matters pertaining to how our practices and identities intersect and interact with each other."

Edited by Januar Rianto & Almer Mikhail
Creative Direction by Each Other Company
Design by Diandra Galih
Proofread by Michelle Anindya
Printed by Further Reading Press

‘Vision as a Tool’ by Mareena Khawar (uae / uk)
‘Forward To The Past’ by Thy Hà (vietnam / australia)
‘Going International to Become National: William Lee & The Modernisation of Singapore Design’ by Justin Zhuang (singapore)
‘The Typography of Traditional Scripts of Indonesia: A Brief Overview’ by Aditya Bayu Perdana (indonesia)
‘Unfulfilled Monolingualism, Deferred Multilingualism’ by Huruf / Tan Zi Hao (malaysia)
‘Indonesiana: A Call To Preserve Indonesia’s Street Food Vernacular’ by Hamzah Al Asadulloh (indonesia)
‘Out of The Fire: Speculating Graphic Design’s Past and Future’ by DGI: Ismiaji Cahyono, Andriew Budiman, & Arief Adityawan (indonesia)
‘Reconnecting the Lights of Southeast Asia’ by Novan Effendy (indonesia)
‘Emancipated Footnotes: An Idiosyncratic Treatise’ by Krishnamurti Suparka (indonesia)
‘Weather Report: Postcard from Germany and Indonesia’ by Karina Tungari (germany)
‘Bookshelf: Return to Sender’ by Kristian Henson (philippines)
‘Discourse: Image Transfer: Reading Immigrant Experience, Identities and Struggle through Cinema’ by Kristian Henson (philippines)
‘To Dear You Who Will Listen To This Story, I Wish Your Day Will Be Happy Too’ by Rachel so dam Jung (south korea / uk)
‘Graphic Design as Viewed by’ by Benedetta Crippa, Cecil Mariani, Marcel Thee, Reading Sideways Press, & Sakti Nuzan (italy / sweden / indonesia / netherlands)
‘Profile: Beyond Printed Words and Pretty Pictures’ by Almer Mikhail (indonesia)
‘Sensorial Design in the Contemporary Era’ by Justin Noah Chua (singapore)
‘A Slow Dialogue on Care’ by Zenobia Ahmed & Dennis Grauel (australia)
‘On Offer In China: ‘Fried Swarm’ & Other Tasty Translations’ by Bex Liu (hong kong)
‘Directory: Lorong King’ by Amanda Meilia (indonesia)
‘Directory: Hong Kong’ by Bex Liu (hong kong)
‘Directory: Zine Orgy’ by Mac Andre Arboleda (philippines)
‘Appendix: The Trimmed Tree’ by Fiorent Fernisia & Nadya Tanelli (indonesia)
‘Sound: Southeast Asia in Sounds’ by Harry ‘Munir’ Septiandri (indonesia)

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