MIND READER by Ira Yonemura
MIND READER by Ira Yonemura
Title Mind Reader
Author(s)/Editor(s) Ira Yonemura, Jessica Higgins
Publisher Tenderbooks Imprint
Pages 32
Dimensions 165 x 230 mm
Format Softcover, first edition of 100 copies
Year 2023

"There is a Sufi story she was fond of that had the Charlie Chaplinesque figure of the Mullah Nasruddin in the middle of the night going round and round a lamppost on his knees. Asked what he was doing, he said he was looking for his keys. Where did you drop them? Oh, over there, the mullah says, indicating a spot a good distance away. So why are you looking for them here? There’s more light here, says the mullah."

MIND READER is a new book and series of drawings by Ira Yonemura with a new text by Jessica Higgins. The book picks up where Light reading, gold gutter, failed delivery (Sunday’s Prints / Good Press, 2019) left off; drawings of books and the letter I, feeling the ground for something lost.

Ira Yonemura (Kagoshima, Japan) is an artist based in London working predominantly in drawing and publishing.

Found in: Tenderbooks