TALKER #7: JO FONG by Giles Bailey
TALKER #7: JO FONG by Giles Bailey
Title Talker #7: Jo Fong
Author(s)/Editor(s) Giles Bailey
Publisher Talker
Pages 24
Dimensions 180 x 280 mm
Format Softcover
Year 2019

Talker is an interview zine about performance.

This is Issue #7. It features a conversation with director, choreographer and performer Jo Fong.

Though her background is as a dancer, performing as part of Rosas, Rambert Dance Company, Mark Bruce Company and National Dance Theatre Wales among many others, she also works across film, theatre and the visual arts. Her own work is distinguished by an open, self-aware process and an innovative and expansive approach to research and rehearsal.

This interview begins with her ongoing project Ways of Being Together, a series of workshops, discussions and performances centred on the idea of belonging. Jo goes on to share insights into her working methods and discusses her complex relationship to dance, the difficulty of speaking and the impulse to do so.

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